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Download v1.0 Matlab V6 (04/06/2006) 4.3Mb (8c68b1c84edb8d28ec80a6824c6b06f1) This is the Yale Face Database B in a Matlab-friendly format. Please check with the original authors about what papers to cite before using this data. It contains all the images scaled down to 30x40 pixels (we used this for clustering). You might need Rar to unpack it. Also included are the indizes for the images that were used in the random 90/10 splits. To try out the data and display image 999, type into Matlab:
load yale_facedatabase_B.mat
Download v1.0 Matlab V6 (03/05/2007) 2.5Mb (21d58a4f7e63564b3e7c52ae2974458a) This archive contains all the datasets we used for our ICML 2005 paper "Clustering through ranking on Manifolds" ready for use in Matlab. Please ensure you cite the sources of the data (e.g. UCI control, USPS, 20 Newsgroups, the face-database). Note that the uncompressed data is > 250MByte.
All data provided for your personal research-use only and "AS IS". All other rights reserved. No warranties of any kind. Insert Disclaimer here.


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