Keyword Permutation Utility

This utility allows you to generate permutations of keywords. This can be useful for your next Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign - I developed the tool when I was experimenting with Google Adwords and PPC. Many of the search engines return the same result for any possible permutation of keywords, but won't trigger the same ads. For example, searching for "vegetables eating helthy" and "eating healthy vegetables" will trigger different ads in many cases (even if you specified your keywords without any quote-operators etc.).

Usage:To use the keyword generator, specify which keyword combinations you want to have generated. Words that belong together can be put together with an underscore (_); variations of words are separated with a pipe (|). If a word is optional, simply add an extra pipe (e.g. email||emails will choose either email, emails or nothing) All possible permutations for the words are generated if requested. You can have several different keyword-permutations generated by putting them on separate lines. A word list will be generated as the result. Simply submit the example given below and you'll figure out how it works.


Keyword Permutations
Generate Typos by swapping letters
Generate Leave-Out-Typos
Generate Keyboard-Typos
Enclose in Quotes
Enclose in Brackets

Version 0.02

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